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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 3, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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increasing clouds, high thin cloud deck for mostly poply roads for us. fso and shows -- san jose, and clouds increasing, we will go partly sunny skies partly sunny skies to mostly cloudy here. a partly cloudy, it does not matter we will be here with cloud here is sal. as you just heard sal's forecast, you heard him say we are not going to have rain on the morning commute and traffic should stay like a normal commute no problems passed and into when you get into the toll plaza, very short time, about 8
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minutes into san francisco and traffic is looking good charge morning. traffic is smooth flew dub 11 and into caster valley, let's go back to the desk. dixon police are searching for a nine month old baby where they were set to hand over custody of their son. they are still looking and the couple was asked to call the dixon police department. investigators are hoping to get some new answers into a death of somebody whose car plunged into the caster county car. his body was submerged and his
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pharmacy reported him in thing today's off top i could help explain what caused him to career off a roadway. >> he hit a cycle, and the brain will be one of the factors we look at. >> the crash happened near range road and -- they are asking witnesses to step forward. >> what the military is trying to up it hair fellow information. the gunman has been identified as army specialist yvonne lopez. he brought a semiautomatic go to the base. end shot several people before
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killing himself and forth heat indices represent on lock down and about the shooting which pro back similar memories. >> it is unreal because in 2009 i was here and it is unbelievable. >> you can just feel the sense of see in -- fear in the area. >> several victims are until the off the hospital although they have not ruled out any of the shooting am he was wear rid as -- had a young daughter as well and they were his terrible roll when he was identified as the shooter.
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he was interest treat the post top of ma'am he technical have it stretch disorder. an army major nadell shot and killed 32 people and injured several others. was convicted much murder and sentenced to death. it is 'unusual homicide case. they are among five suspects facing murder charges each though none of them did the actual killing. and we are here in campbell where a 16-year-old was stabbed by a homeless man and now it is the friends he was hanging out with much now it is five
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suspected members of a is your represent you' all street testimony ivan diaz. he attacked todd t.a.r.p., he interviewed in jail he told authorities he stabbed tee fence and now they are using what is called the provocative act stock written to charge him friends this means it takes a teen ever fights for hey had and if that is responsible to that line there is where -- that is where the criminality lies. >> evidence was taken at their
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homes. in addition to the murder they are all a charge with gang up handing. he -- enhancing. we have learned they are trying to stir political unrest. it had 40,000 followers who were not aware it was month storing this story. we will bridge up any new developments as soon as as we get them into our newsroom. it looks like mayor jean quan will be looking a being seen -- blacklist after she served for three years, mayor jean quan released a statement
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saying she is happy for blackwell, treat were treated to more than 9 $5,000 paid for by private donations and that's a card cording, and among the trips, a trip to perimeter much a 90 day trip to and san francisco -- to san francisco with his wife.$♪. >> they came out into the open during to the cop crux project and coming up, the response from the health department. and many will be looking
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for drivers without and they will be held in south santa rosa and pacifica. the chp is hoping a program called start smart will help shows teen drivers of being door more as well as graph if he can image in cover the terrible county high school. witnesses said at the time 17- year-old anthony grass so was driving more than 100 miles per 100-mile-per-hour before the cross. >> we don't have this experience at our school because they don't want it and they are at fault for all 66%
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of highway crashes. it should be a smooth ride and that 42,000 of the 50,000 miles of state highways or 84% are in good operating and 880 in oakland and in contra costa, but they are also warning that nearly 4 billion in funding is almost used up. coming up more after shocks and tsunami warnings in warnings in chile. and we have more involving the scandal over leyland yee and former china town are off
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to a good start. >> yap way 46789 we will tell you more about highway 24 on the way to the tunnel. >> not much quieter, we had some rain around and clouds were on the increase and they will lead to more today.
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. welcome being it is now 4:43 and it continues to pound chile, and it shook buildings sent people running into the streets set off a tsunami warning and it came a day after the earthquake killed several people and there have been dozens of after shocks now more pictures are coming out of the year and a state of emergency
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has been declared and about 2500 homes have been damaged and they could destroy the fishing entry, it could take years for this to return to normal and they have rounded up 300 inmates to broke out of prison shortly after. and renewing preparation efforts after san francisco. now when sirens go off, they go inland and uphill as soon as possible. san francisco will unveil a new mobile app in two weeks following a natural disaster. >> one of the key prices are
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on, what our exercises taught aments last week, is displaying that information very pal ball now an earthquake in chile could potentially significant any can'tly come through speeds at 5 miles per hour. they claim a grandmother froze to death in a hospital morgue freezer. family members of maria dejesus, was mistakenly declared dead and put into the freezer in los angeles. family members said her bruises showed she died trying to escape from the freezer. >> this is one of the most egregious cases you will ever see, this case keeps me awake at night.
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>> meantime, they have not commented on the lawsuit and the trial date has not been set. university staff and faculty are taking a stand at the east bay campus in hayward, now the rally is to show support for university workers such as groundworkers and library assistance. now they are in couldn't be tract talks with university workers. they are interesting legal action at the campus last month which turned violent which left police officers violent. they said they want to hear from student who were injured and during a protest they tried to push their way into an administration building one is accused of hitting an officer and at least one student was pepper sprayed by san jose
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police. they will meet on the scandal of this racially charged bullying case a group of white students tormented an african-american student and that has since had a claim against the university. there are several with the engineering building and meantime an employee shake up in the series dorms is not tied and 18 teachers have resigned. the university is not saying why they were let go but the university quote the here are not understood. they are looking for healthy food for lunch. walter junior high held an
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official ribbon cutting and they will have one by the new items. it is distracted driving month and sal has a perfect example of how dangerous this was. chp told us, we have a hive picture near newark. apparently she had lost cop son trigs -- concentration because she was looking down at her phone and the carpal ran into a center median or flipped over the car and eastbound to 84
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just one lane before before the exit and they will load it on to the flatbed truck and the laid did the -- they did mention it is about an 8 minute timeframe getting onto the i am in mitts froe time, now let's go back to steve. >> all righty good morning the last couple of days were fun, thunder lightning snow, and things are calming down a little bit and there are still -- there is still, low clouds, more likely 40s and mostly
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cloudy laid later this afternoon and -- later this afternoon and we are expected to here is a part or taking apart a term mid-repound and then mostly cloudy skies and it is a far cry from where what just saw from everything members. 150s in fso and livermore on cop couples 40s and it willen late tonight and early tomorrow morning so there is not a lot to this system. 34 in reno, 3 christmas display in ukiah after that, high
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pressure will moved in and 60s on the north and that's why we on went 62 in gilroy and they will have a lot more sun and very light rain, early friday and warm especially sunday and none day. . >> wouldn't it men haven enjoyed your ticket and this is the winning ticket, is that what it looks like a winning ticket? well use them and in the meantime he will pen part of it on a family vacation and some
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nasa workers are no if alleged victims -- no longer allowed to do. information businesses be being ban -- will be banned from holding on to in the wake of the because.
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. bay area lawmaker said he
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will protect consumers from area preaches and they wants them to toughen breaches. he wants note i notification on a ban of customer's personal information and shoppers we spoke to welcomed the proposal. >> i wish it happened more often. >> yes, i think it's time we need something to protect us. >> retailers will find ways of getting up here for every violation. the scammers are offering new cars and lottery tickets and home loans all in exchange for cash and in others they pose and they owe back taxes
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through wire transfer or between dude gift cards and they want as much information as possible. a 31-year-old dog walker has been rescued after falling in an embankment. it happened on a steep ravine. rescue crews were able to find her by pinning her cell phone. >> i fell down, i don't know where i am at, i have the dogs, i am dizzy and inauguration come help -- i am nauseous come help me. >> one of her clients collected the six dogs she had been walking. sea world is moving through the state assembly. the movie was about the
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treatment of orcas and they say it is based on falsehoods. it still has to go through several committy thes. the lengths thieves went to and what they left behind. also a rat problem, the latest neighborhood where a lot of rodents have been spotted and and what happened and what may be to blame. and after a couple of days of rather intense rain we have seen that die off and we have one more system coming up tonight for tomorrow as well.
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. we are live in san francisco where the city's rat problem is becoming worse and we will tell you where and why. a state senator and
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suspected gang leader how they are raising safety concerns, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are live in san francisco in the north beach neighborhood, and well, we are looking for rats this morning and there are complaints about the rodents taking over that neighborhood and it is not going to make a lot of people happy may be because of a big construction project and we will check in with tara moriarty and check in with her in just a moment, it is april 3rd, i am pam cook. >> let's talk about weather and traffic, pam wants to know if you have anymore rain out there. >> high clouds are continuing to stream over and they say mostly cloudy some low clouds over the bay, mostly 40s
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generally but to near 50 degrees and high clouds will continue to filter in partly sunny south bay and clouds are in place 40s on the temperatures 40 in livermore and now 43 but san jose 43 here fso san france, both at 43 degrees, this system is very weak and it will spring in a lot of clouds and some very light rain and it will probably just drizzle, it is a little bit warmer but it will hold things in check, a lot to low 60s here is sal. we have a distract under driver who lost control of her car and ended up in a crash eastbound north of newark. it is now up on a tow truck and the


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